Tools everyone in the legal industry should be using

The main tasks that every law firm faces are managing the legal documents, Contract lifetimes, storage of files, virtual chatbots or the receptionist services, research on different cases and with different jurisdictions and especially during this pandemic the meeting of clients, and so on.

Must have tools for legal professionals

So here are the few tools which everyone in the legal industry should be using

1st Legal Tool

The first is concerning document management. Most of the law firms have a huge number of clients and they deal with many cases in various courts and various fields of law with various jurisdictions. So every legal industry needs to manage legal documents. For the same many legal firms uses the software called Clio, so it stores legal documents which can be editable.

2nd Tool

Secondly with respect to the legal research. Generally, each case depending upon the nature of the case involves many statutes, rules, regulations, and case laws. As a legal person once any case knocks on your door, it is the duty of a legal person to do an extensive research relating to the case to present before the court. So the websites like fastcase, manupatraand jstorgive remote access to many documents including research articles, statutes, case laws, and many more depending upon the jurisdiction.

3rd legal Tool

Thirdly with respect to the virtual chatbots or the receptionist service, it is meaning important for every law firm to have their websites that contain the chatbots or the virtual receptionist which can direct the clients to the concerned destination or that assist the clients with resolving such issue. Most of the law firms are using Ruby, which offers both the chat option as well as the virtual reception options. This helps in both answering the calls of the client and also helps in the development of the legal industry.

4th Legal Tool

Fourthly with respect to the contact of the clients. Generally, the client will approach the legal industry for resolving their cases but during this pandemic, it became a little hard for the client and legal practitioners to meet and most of the courts also heard the cases through virtual hearing using Google meet, zoom meet, that offers the live recording as well by the host so that even court can save that video meets as the shreds of evidence for the future hearings. So it is a most helpful as well as an important tool for the legal practitioners during these hard times.

Last but not the least

And fifthly with respect to the remainders. The legal practitioners or the legal firms will have many clients and their date of hearing will so different so it is very important to the legal practitioners as well as the firms to represent their clients on the given dates. So the google calendar and outlook calendars help the firms and practitioners by reminding the date of the hearings.

And finally, with respect to payments, digital payment sites like PayPalPhonePe, and G-pay are some of the payment services which are largely used by legal firms and legal practitioners for the payment of the fees. These are a few of the tools which are mostly used by the legal industry in order to have easy access.

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