Small Law Firms Can Be Just The Right Size For You

Generally, many clients believe that the size of the law firm matters for the resolving of the legal issues. But it was a myth that larger firms will better meet the client’s expectations. According to Francesco Dialti and Foutoun Haar a small firm ideally should consist of 2-15 attorneys and a medium law firm should ideally consist of 16-350 attorneys for better sustainability.

small law firm

Here are a few advantages of choosing small law firms:

1. The smaller law firms charge less cost as it will be depending on the issue and it will be exact to the issue, and also the cost of maintenance is low for the smaller law firms when compared to the larger firms. 

2. The smaller law firms accepts very few cases depending upon the efficiency of the firm and they don’t take all the cases which knock on their doors, so they efficiently work on a limited number of cases based on their capability, so the lawyers can comfortably without any stress research on the client’s cases and can work efficiently.

3. The smaller law firms are very easy to meet the clients as they are always available to their clients, and also smaller law firms regularly meet their clients in order to meet the client’s expectations. The relationship that was maintained by the small law firms with their clients increases the deeper knowledge about the case and helps in resolving the case very quickly and it will make the law firms be up to the point.

4. Small law firms are mostly specialized in one field of law, so that they can accurately work on it and help the clients to resolve the issues more effectively. For example, there are small law firms that only deal with Intellectual Property Rights. So these firms only deal with IPR issues and have a lot of experience in dealing with such IPR related issues. 

5. The small law firms provide one to one interaction services and well as the same lawyer will continue till the end of the case, but whereas the larger law firms change the lawyers based on their availability, because of which the client and lawyer may lose the continuity with each other. In smaller, there will be personalized attention towards the clients.

6. Small law firms will have a better management system when compared with larger firms so that there will be a better outcome with respect to the results in terms of winning cases. 

7. Smaller law firms work focus in order to give a positive experience to the clients.

8. The Attorney in smaller law firms will have the decision-making power depending upon the issue that they are handling. But in the larger law firms, the attorneys have to make their decisions based on senior associates’ decisions. Thus it is always advisable to approach a smaller law firm for resolving legal issues.

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