Here’s How Good Lawyers Get Their Work by Word-Of-Mouth

Lawyers, like everyone else, hate paying for advertising. Yet in most cases, they still pay to get their services out there beyond the clients who walk through the door. There is one notable exception: word-of-mouth marketing. This involves asking happy clients to tell friends and colleagues about their experience with you. Word of mouth is the most trusted form of marketing, and if you can prove you are the best lawyer in town it will be hard for people not to notice. Here are some tips on how you can use word-of-mouth effectively.

How to get referral clients as a lawyer

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Being a lawyer, this is how you get your best work by word-of-mouth!

1.    Don’t Worry About the Time Commitment

It’s easy to assume that because word-of-mouth marketing takes up a lot of time, clients won’t stick around for it. But think about it: if you take care of your clients properly, they will almost never leave. However, there is one exception – when the client finds such an amazing lawyer through word-of-mouth that they would rather switch than give up their new lawyer. This is the only valid reason to leave a client, and it’s why you need to make sure they are happy.

2.    Maximize Social Networking

You can use word-of-mouth marketing via all your social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), but don’t stop there. Make sure any reviews from clients are posted on these sites, and encourage all your clients to give public reviews. Also, when someone contacts you ask them if they know anyone else who might like to talk with you. You’ll soon find that word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, quickly reaching people who may never have heard about you before.

3.    Build Trust through Transparency

When a client gives a public review on a website or social media site, they will be asked to rate your services on aspects such as billing and communication. Give them the opportunity to rate you low if they have been unhappy with anything. This way no one can accuse you of hiding information from prospective clients.

4.    Stop Being Afraid of Asking

It’s clear that you cannot just ask someone to leave a review or give their details for referrals without seeming pushy. If you want to be the best lawyer in your field, you need to earn the right to ask people for reviews and referrals. This means pampering them so they feel like your biggest fans, who will never hesitate to sing your praises.

5.    Keep Track of How It’s Going

Finally, you should keep track of all your referrals and reviews. This will tell you what worked well in your word-of-mouth campaigns and what needs to be improved upon. It’s easy to improve when you can see the response that something gets, then simply increase or decrease future efforts accordingly. If you do this, you will be the best lawyer that people always recommend.


Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool that you should use to get your name known throughout your area. Make sure you’re putting in the time and effort to create an excellent experience for all your clients, so they always have something great to say about you when asked. Then, all you need is to ask them if they would like to recommend you or leave a review. You’ll soon find that word-of-mouth will take over and people will flock to your door.

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